Internet Famous Joe Martin has been around drawing poorly since 1984, and then later got okay at it around 1993, after being inspired by absorbing video game screen grabs from games like the anime styled character designs of the game Phantasy Star II for the Sega Genesis.

Since then, he's typically been inspired by a variety of other artists (Sam Kieth, Masamune Shirow, Yukito Kishiro, Chris Bachalo, Jim Mahfood, and others) to create what others have called a fairly standout and distinct style.

He's proud of being a Art Institute dropout, and has done many commercial logo and design projects for board game, comics, and internet publications since.

He's held a world video game record in a game nobody really knows about for over seven years and could eat Hamburger Helper Cheesy Mac ever for the rest of his life.

He begrudgingly lives in the Sarasota, Florida Area.